Family Therapy

Family therapy is a modality that brings parts of the family, or the entire family together to work on issues that may be contributing to a certain problem or behavior. It often makes a great deal of sense to bring other family members in to talk about the family dynamics. We all come from families made of up of individuals that have unique issues and personalities. When we put those differing personalities into a living situation for long periods of time, it only makes sense that we are sometimes going to have problems with the people we love most. Family therapy is a way to work through these issues in a productive up front manner, rather than the standard arguing, bickering and sarcasm that happens in many families. It is a way for all family members to be heard in a safe environment, without the worry of having your comments backfire and cause further problems. I have over twenty years of experience as a family therapist and I know I can help improve the communication in your family!

Typical reasons for seeking family therapy:

  • Repetitive arguing with one or more family member
  • Arguing in a way that is either unproductive or makes matters worse
  • Feeling constantly disrespected by a family member
  • Feeling like a family member or members does not understand you
  • When someone in the family has completely shut down and is refusing to communicate
  • Verbally abusive behavior within the family
  • Seeing that one family member is struggling but acknowledging that it may be a family issue
  • Learning to be a family again after a divorce
  • Learning to function as a healthy blended family

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