Anxiety Therapy in Laguna Hills, CA

Parenting an anxious child | Anxiety Therapist in Laguna Hills, CA

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Anxiety Therapist in Laguna Hills, CA for your child? Anxiety is one of the fastest growing diagnoses among children and teens. I am an Anxiety Therapist in Laguna Hills, CA. The increase in fears, panic attacks, social phobia and school phobia have skyrocketed in my office over the past ten years and most of my colleagues are seeing similar changes …

ADHD Coaching | Jay Jameson

Does your child have ADD?

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Are you one of the thousands of parents out there worried that your child may be struggling with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder?  The diagnosis of ADHD/ADD is not as simple as diagnosing many other medical issues.  There is no “test” for ADHD/ADD and many of the symptoms that are used to make the diagnosis are also symptoms …